Our History

grains australia

Following marketing deregulation for barley and wheat during the 2000s and ongoing changes and growth in the grain industry, organisations such as Wheat Quality Australia (2010) and Grains Industry Market Access Forum (2011) were developed by industry groups to perform a range of industry good functions. Other organisations such as Pulse Australia, the Australian Oilseeds Federation and Barley Australia, to name a few, were established even earlier.

But as time progressed and the industry developed further, the question arose: should the industry do more?

The Australian Grains Industry Discussion Group (AGIDG) – an informal network of national industry organisations (in 2017 members were Australian Grain Exporters Association (AGEA), Australian Oilseeds Federation (AOF), Grain Producers Australia (GPA), Grain Trade Australia (GTA), Grain Growers Limited (GGL), Pulse Australia (PAL) and Grain Research & Development Corporation (GRDC) as an observer member) – had considered these issues for some time. In 2017 it convened broad working groups to gain input and discussion on future needs. The output became the ‘Grains Industry Enhancement Strategy’, launched at the Australian Grains Industry Conference in August 2017, with the centrepiece an Industry Good Company (IGC) as a vehicle for sustainable industry good funding and delivery.

The AGIDG had determined that the IGC should gain its initial funding base from residual monies left over from the final period of regulated export marketing and held in the Wheat Industry Special Account – known as the ‘WISA’ funds and held for the industry by GRDC. The AGIDG requested GRDC to proceed with the complex steps of establishing the IGC in 2019.

In 2020 the IGC was launched as Grains Australia. The skills-based board was appointed in August 2020, with the chief executive officer appointed in December 2020.