Trade & Market Access

Grains Australia’s role is to maintain and improve access to current markets and develop new markets for Australian-grown grain. We take a long-term strategic approach to trade and market access.

Strategic Outcomes

Opportunity analysis 

  • Credible and trusted opportunity analysis, including better understanding of the dynamics (e.g. production, trade, and demand, including domestic vs overseas trade) and strategic trends (e.g. greater foresight into measures including sanitary, phytosanitary, and non-tariff measures).

Government engagement 

  • Government’s point of contact on international grain trade matters, including improved evidence-driven justification and forward-thinking.

Strategic responses 

  • Strategic responses to trade and market access issues, ensuring evidence is presented outlining benefits across the value chain.

Market diversification 

  • Greater market diversification, with greater benefits communicated—not just for Australia, but the customer.

Streamlined trade facilitation 

  • Reduced trade impediments through improved systems being in place, with a documented approach and greater ability to deliver evidence-based economics.

Value of Trade and Market Access

Understanding our markets

An important part of Grains Australia’s strategic approach to trade & market access is greater engagement and a deeper understanding of what end-users in those markets need, and want, and the challenges they face.

Grains Australia aims to use these market insights to analyse potential opportunities, estimate the cost of trade impediments, provide strategic responses to trade & market access matters, and develop and support relevant projects and activities to create value for producers.

Utilising this analysis, the Australian grains industry provides evidence to government bodies and destination markets of the value of trade with Australia to benefit and add value, to both the Australian grains industry and for end-users in overseas markets.

The inaugural Indonesia-Australia Grains Value Chain Leadership Program was officially launched in Jakarta July 2023


Grains Australia takes the lead in coordinating and managing industry projects that are focused on expanding trade opportunities for Australia’s grain sector.

Links and publications

Key documents and publications relevant to our trade & market access services are available below.

Barley Exports to South Korea – Industry Management Plan

Grains Non-Tariff Measures (NTM) Project

2021 Summary Report

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