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Market insights


Grains Australia’s market insights services ensure that the Australian grains industry value chain has the intelligence it needs to make informed decisions about breeding, classification, growing and the supply chain. 

Combined with critical market education, we raise awareness among customers and sellers about the profitable use of Australian grains and support value creation.

Knowing what the end-users and customers of Australian grain – from millers and processors to maltsters and brewers – want now and into the future is critical to ensuring that Australia can meet the needs of its key markets and generate value for growers and others in the industry.

We analyse market and consumer trends to better understand demand and identify priorities by:

  • Accessing and sharing validated and trusted international and domestic market insights
  • Fostering two-way communication on market, customer and consumer opportunities
  • Prioritising programs based on market information
  • Taking into consideration market learnings from Australian grains industry customers and consumers
The Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC) is a delivery partner for some of Grains Australia’s market insights services. 

Market education

Market education puts the value proposition for Australian grain front and centre with customers and sellers to ensure profitable use of our products.

Grains Australia is responsible for ensuring that technical support and training are available for customers and other stakeholders in the grains value chain. This requires a clear understanding of the unique technical and market requirements of our customers, then delivering relevant and accessible support and training and addressing any technical expertise gaps in the supply chain.

AEGIC is a delivery partner for some of Grains Australia’s market education programs and functions. 

Larisa Cato, Wheat Quality & Technical Markets Manager at AEGIC and member of Grains Australia Wheat Council demonstrating at a workshop with customers.

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