The role of the Pulse Council is to provide strategic advice to the Grains Australia Board on pulse industry matters including priorities and activities, strategic classification requirements, trade and market access issues relevant to specific pulse classes, and market information and education requirements.

Pulse Council members include:

  • Chair: Peter Wilson– Experienced in pulse trading, exports, market access and classification including for lentils, chickpeas, faba beans, lupins, broadens and peas. Peter is based in Queensland.

  • William Alexander – Experienced in pulse trading experience across lentils, faba beans, chickpeas, lupins and broad beans. Willam is based in South Australia.

  • Julia Hausler – Victorian grower with experience growing field peas, faba beans, chickpeas, lentils and vetch hay, and experience in the sale and marketing of pulses.

  • Kathi Hertel – Technical specialist in pulses with extensive experience in R&D and extension. Kathi is based in New South Wales.

  • Sam Holmes – Experienced in agronomy, including in the production of pulses throughout the Yorke Peninsula region of South Australia.

  • Julie O’Dea – Quality expert with experience in pulse classification, storage, receival and export. Julie is based in South Australia. 

  • Kathy La Macchia – Experienced in nutrition and the food industry experience and is the General Manager of the Grains & Legumes Nutrition Council. Kathy is based in New South Wales. 

  • Nick Poutney – Experienced grain trading executive,
    specialising in sourcing grains and pulses from Australia, the Black
    Sea and North America.  Nick is based in New South Wales. 

  • Mark Schilling – South Australian grower with experience across lentils, mungbeans, faba beans, field peas and chickpeas, and experience in exporting lentils to South Asia.

  • Janine Sounness – Experienced in pulse R&D including breeding, across faba beans, lentils, chickpeas, lupins and field peas. Janine is based in Victoria. 

  • Anne Wilkins – Western Australian grower of lupins, with experience in grains industry development and agronomy with experience including mung beans, faba beans and chickpeas.

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