Below is a summary of some of the topics discussed during the Pulse Council's latest meetings

March 2024

  • The Pulse Council will work on developing a strategic planning process to identify pulse priorities for Grains Australia investment.

  • The Pulse Council supports Grains Australia’s continuing work to develop national variety classification frameworks for pulses. 

  • The Pulse Council discussed key international markets of importance for Australian Pulses. 

November 2023

  • The Pulse Council discussed relevant export markets for pulses, noting the importance of maintaining constructive relationships with Australia’s key partners.

  • Work is progressing well in formulating a new national varietal classification framework for pulses. The Pulse Council reviewed, discussed, and approved the proposed Lentil Varietal Classification framework.  Next steps will include key stakeholder engagement and the identification/establishment of processes for implementation. The Pulse Council regards classification as critical, as it will assist with framing breeding programs and outcomes within the context of market demand and future trends. 

  • The Pulse Council is to keep open lines of communication with relevant pulse bodies/organisations. It was noted by the Pulse Council that there is both a need and opportunity to engage and communicate with state pulse groups and organisations such as the Australian Mungbean Association. This will ensure that key decisions made on behalf of the industry are well informed. 

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