The role of the Oat Council is to provide strategic advice to the Grains Australia Board on oat industry matters including priorities and activities, strategic classification requirements, trade and market access issues, and market information and education requirements.

Oat Council members include:

  • Chair: Ashley Wiese – Western Australian grain grower with experience in governance, food production and sustainability.

  • Greg Carroll – Experienced in grain trading, marketing, storage and handling, particularly oats. Greg is based in New South Wales. 

  • Associate Professor Sara Grafenauer – Experienced in nutrition and dietetics including for grains and legumes. Sara is based in New South Wales.

  • Chris Karagiannis – Experienced in food supply chain management, food production and procurement. Chris is based in New South Wales.

  • Jack King – Experienced in domestic and export-orientated agribusiness with involvement in grain operations, logistics and commercial sales. Jack is based in Victoria.

  • David Oates – Experienced in grain trading and exports. David is based in Western Australia. 

  • Michael Vaccari – Experienced in the milling and production of oat, cereal and pulse-based food and ingredients. Michael is based in Victoria.

  • Tresslyn Walmsley – Experienced in commercial plant breeding programs and technical drivers for grains industry success. Tress is based in Western Australia.

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