The process for malting barley accreditation is described in the schematic below, with
additional key points as follows:

  • Varieties submitted for acceptance into program after routine screening for agronomic and processing performance by the applicant.
  • Varieties subjected to both pilot and commercial scale malting, and then pilot brewing, using the applicable methodology for either sugar adjunct brewing or starch adjunct brewing.
  • Standardised methods based on commercial practices are adhered to in order to replicate conditions the varieties require in the commercial environment.
  • The evaluation process takes place over 2 seasons to ensure a broad examination.
  • Full accreditation is achieved after a second season’s successful evaluation.

Malting Barley Varietal Accreditation Pathway

Varieties in the accreditation program will either be classified as “Malting Barley” if they pass the requirements of the program or be designated by the Grain Trade Australia (GTA) terminology applicable at the time of accreditation for non-malting barley if they fail to achieve malting barley accreditation.

All barley varieties are subject to the GTA Trading Standards upon delivery into a receival site.

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