For each new variety of malting barley bred in Australia, there are a rigorous series of evaluations the variety must pass in order to gain accreditation as a recognised malting barley variety. After new barley varieties have been routinely screened for agronomic and processing performance by the breeding institutions, they are subjected to both pilot and commercial scale malting and then brewing using the methodology for both sugar adjunct brewing and starch adjunct brewing.

Standardised methods based on commercial practices are adhered to in order to replicate the conditions the varieties require in the commercial environment. The evaluation process takes place over 2 seasons to ensure a broad examination of the variety.

Full accreditation is achieved after a second season’s successful evaluation results have been examined and a recommendation for approval by the Australian barley industry’s technical evaluation panel (the Malting and Brewing Industry Barley Technical Committee – MBIBTC) has been accepted by Grains Australia. This evaluation process is illustrated in the Varietal Accreditation Pathway below.

Varietal accreditation pathway

Who assesses the malting and brewing data?

The MBIBTC is the national industry body, comprised of a panel of malting and brewing experts who assess each variety to establish whether it will meet international and/or domestic market performance requirements. 

Food barley classification

Since 2019 food barley classification has not been available to breeders and barley promoters.

Varieties in the accreditation program will either be classified as “Malting Barley” if they pass the requirements of the program or be designated by the Grain Trade Australia (GTA) terminology applicable at the time of accreditation for non-malting barley if they fail to achieve malting barley accreditation.

Submitting an application for a new malting variety

Parties wishing to submit a variety for evaluation or classification can request a copy of the Varietal Accreditation for Malting Barley Requirements for Barley Promoters by contacting us at

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