Below is a summary of some of the topics discussed during the Wheat Council's latest meetings

March 2024

  • The Wheat Council and Grains Australia Executive have spent considerable effort developing a standardised Class Modification Framework for the establishment and modification of wheat classes. This framework is now complete and will be used to evaluate future wheat class changes:

    • The framework provides industry with a clear pathway to engage with the Wheat Council on the introduction of new classes and modifications to existing classes

    • The framework ensures that the classification decision making process of the Council is strategically focused, thoroughly considers opportunities and risks, and liaises strongly with industry

    • A process map detailing the framework will be provided to industry soon, along with the template that industry can use to propose classification improvements to Council.

  • An export-focused soft white wheat class has been proposed to the Wheat Council to allow Australian growers to access new markets. This concept is being evaluated using the recently adopted Class Modification Framework which has identified several areas that need further input from industry experts. The Wheat Council will liaise with industry in the near term to help progress the development of this new and exciting class concept.

  • The Wheat Council recognises there are more opportunities that could be pursued to improve the value of the Australian wheat industry than it has resources to address. Wheat Council has therefore begun developing a strategic priorities plan to guide future Wheat Council activities and research investment:

    • Wheat Council will seek input from industry bodies into the development of its strategic priorities plan.

  • The criteria for wheat variety eligibility into the Australian Innovative Wheat class were refined by the Wheat Council to provide greater clarity to breeders and other stakeholders. Updated guidelines will be provided to breeders.

October 2023

  • The Wheat Council will develop a set of strategic priorities for the wheat industry, with a particular focus on the four pillars of Grains Australia.

  • The process for ‘old variety’ removal from the master list was reviewed by Council and supported. Grains Australia will develop this into a policy to support transparency and rigour in the maintenance of the variety master list.

  • The Wheat Council spent time understanding the advocacy work that US Wheat Associates and Cereals Canada undertake in the marketplace. This was contrasted with the research and education work undertaken by the Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC). Council will, as part of its strategic priority setting, look for ways that the value of Australian wheat can be best supported by industry.

  • The Wheat Council is reviewing the framework of the establishment and modification of class systems.

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