Grains Australia Limited (Grains Australia) has decided to establish Commodity Councils for individual grain commodities which will comprise skilled representatives of the industry’s key supply chain functions.

The purpose of each Commodity Council is to provide advice to the Grains Australia Board (the Board) to help guide the development of Grains Australia’s strategic direction consistent with its constitutional objectives and delivery of outcomes required for its key strategic pillars.

Commodity Council members do not represent the interests of any specific sector of the industry or any organisation. Commodity Councils will convene as a sub-committee of the Board and will liaise with the Grains Australia Executive, Board as required and the wider industry when considering and formulating advice.

Commodity Councils are responsible for:

  • Considering and evaluating strategic priorities identified by the Grains Australia Executive (the Executive) in respect of industry good functional areas (i.e. classification, trade and market access, and market information and education) and providing advice to the Board.
  • Providing advice on and supporting technical and consultative committee structures to ensure delivery of effective, efficient, and enhanced industry good outcomes.
  • Identifying additional activities, opportunities or roles aligning with Grains Australia’s purpose and providing advice to the Board.
  • Assisting Grains Australia in achieving desired industry good outcomes.
  • Liaising with wider industry and other stakeholders on relevant issues raised, as requested by Grains Australia.

Commodity Council members are eligible to to be paid a sitting fee and reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred at meetings. The rate of remuneration will be determined by the Board of Grains Australia Limited, in accordance with rates provided by Australian Government Remuneration Tribunal for Remuneration and Allowances for Holders of Part-time Public Office.

Please see Grains Australia Commodity Council Terms of Reference for more information.

Expressions of interest

Grains Australia is calling for ‘Expressions of Interest’ (EOI) from industry representatives with skills and experience in research, breeding, growing, trade/storage and handling, or as end-users (processors and consumers) to be part of the new Pulse Council.

Please fill out the form below outlining your responses to the selection criteria.

For any questions or enquiries, please contact commodity.councils@grainsaustralia.com.au.

Next steps

All expressions of interest will be provided to a Grains Australia Board sub-committee established to consider the membership of the Commodity Council for decision by the Grains Australia Board. Membership will be offered to individuals based on their relevant skills and experience, and on the basis that they have a deep understanding of the Australian grains industry, its priorities, classification requirements, trade and market access issues, and information and education requirements. Diversity will also be considered in the selection process, including gender, background, experience within the grains supply chain and geography (within Australia). Appointed Grains Australia Council members will collectively address the required criteria.


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Please provide information on your industry networks and experience in engaging with grain growers, or industry organisations.
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