Effective, safe and secure storage of harvested grain is a critical aspect of a successful, integrated grain-based food supply system. The importance of good grain storage is becoming paramount in global food supply chains as population growth outstrips agricultural production growth. Estimates of grain loss due to poor storage range from 10-50%[1], while this can be as low as 1-2% with effective handling and storage management.

Recognising the importance of effective grain storage in India and acknowledging the advancement in grain storage practices underway in India, the Australian Government funded a project to develop technical resources to aid the Indian grain industry in continuing to build its grain storage capability.

 The challenges of safe and effective grain storage are similar in Australia and India given both countries have to deal with large volumes of grain needing to be transported and stored in a short period post-harvest; similar climatic extremes, ranging from very hot dry condition to periods of heavy rain and moisture; similar pest and weed seed challenges; and the need for storage of grain for up to 12 months.

Consequently, the learnings from grain storage in Australia can inform and assist the Indian grain industry to optimise its grain storage conditions and minimise storage loss.

Four technical webinars have been produced as a result of the Australian Government-funded project which shares the learnings and best practice of Australian grain storage.

The webinars are available for viewing and sharing amongst the Indian grain trade and storage industry. The webinars are:

Grain Storage and Quality

Australian Grain Storage Technical considerations​

Investing in Grain Storage

Digital Solutions to Improve Grain Storage - the role of Blockchain

There are also additional resources available to improve grain storage for both the Australian and Indian grain industry. These are provided by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC).

GRDC Podcasts:

On-farm Grain Storage podcast series: Storage and aeration

On-farm Grain Storage podcast series: Silo maintenance

On-farm Grain Storage podcast series: Masks and meters

GRDC Fact Sheet: On-farm Grain Storage

GRDC Grain Storage Hub: The GRDC has also developed a separate Grain Storage Hub to assist growers with storing grain on farm.

[1]  Mesterházy, A;  Oláh, J;  Popp, J. Sustainability 202012(6), 2342; https://doi.org/10.3390/su12062342

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