Grains Australia’s information and education function ensures that the Australian grains industry value chain has the market insights it needs to make informed decisions on industry good services. These research priorities provide critical education and raise awareness amongst industry stakeholders to support value creation.

Delivered through the Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC), the core objective of the Grains Australia’s information and education function is to analyse market and consumer trends in order to understand demand and identify priorities.

This is achieved by:
  • Accessing and sharing validated and trusted international and domestic market insights
  • Fostering two-way communication on market, customer and consumer opportunities
  • Prioritising programs based on market information
  • Taking into consideration market learnings from Australian grains industry customers and consumers.

Working with AEGIC

AEGIC is an initiative of Grains Australia Limited and the Western Australian Government, through the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD). The integration between AEGIC and Grains Australia drives collaboration, improved coordination and streamlining and delivers efficiencies across the key areas of classification, trade and market access, market information and education and customer insights and innovation for the Australian grains sector.

AEGIC combines market insight, analysis and technical capability to develop applied solutions that increase value in the Australian grains industry.

AEGIC delivers value by:

  • Providing market insights to help the Australian grains industry breed, grow, classify and supply grain that markets prefer to buy.
  • Educating grain customers on the premium value of Australian grain so they have a longer-lasting interest in purchasing it.
  • Developing new market opportunities and high-value alternative uses for Australian grain.
  • Maintaining access to existing, premium markets.
  • Diversifying market options to manage risk.

Find out more about AEGIC’s services, publications and industry information here.

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