Australian wheat is classified into classes with distinct quality attributes and processing virtues across all Zones.

The Classes are split into three key categories: Premium Hard Wheats, General- Purpose Wheats and Specialty Wheats.

Premium Hard wheats

Australian Prime Hard (APH)

Australian Prime Hard (APH) comprises selected white hard-grained wheat varieties of exceptional milling quality with a minimum protein level of 13%. Flour milled from APH produces doughs with strong balanced dough properties and is used to produce Chinese-style yellow alkaline noodles and Japanese Ramen noodles. It is also suitable for the production of high protein, high volume breads.

Australian Hard (AH)

Australian Hard (AH) is made up of specific hard-grained white wheat varieties selected for superior milling performance and excellent dough quality. It is segregated at a guaranteed minimum protein level of 11.5%. The flour derived from AH is ideally suited to the production of a wide range of baked products including European-style pan and hearth breads, Middle Eastern flat breads, Chinese steamed products as well as Chinese style yellow alkaline noodles.

Australian Premium White (APW)

Australian Premium White (APW) is hard-grained white wheat varieties with high milling performance and flour quality, delivered with a minimum protein level of 10.5%. APW is multi-purpose wheat ideally suited to the production of a variety of noodle types, including Hokkien, instant and fresh noodles. It is also suitable for Middle Eastern and Indian-style flat breads and Chinese steamed breads.

General-purpose wheats

Australian Standard White (ASW)

Australian Standard White (ASW) is a highly versatile, low protein white wheat representing excellent value for straight milling or blending purposes. This multi-purpose wheat is used to produce Middle Eastern, Indian and Iranian-style flat breads, European-style breads and rolls, and Chinese steamed bread. There are specific quality guidelines for ASW in terms of dough and end product testing.

Australian White Wheat (AWW)

Australian White Wheat (AWW) is a new class introduced in 2021.   It represents value as a dry, clean, hard-grained white wheat with competitive milling performance and sound falling number.   AWW has minimum quality guidelines that include wheat and flour specifications (and do not extend to dough testing or to specific end products.
Specialty wheats

Australian Premium Durum (ADR)

Australian Premium Durum  (ADR) consists of specially selected durum varieties with very hard, vitreous, amber-coloured kernels. It is a free milling product, capable of achieving high yields of superior quality semolina with minimal residue flour production. ADR is ideal for a wide range of wet and dry pasta products with excellent colour and is also used in the production of North African and Middle Eastern products such as couscous, hearth and flat breads.

Australian Soft (ASFT)

Australian Soft Wheat (ASFT) is a unique blend of white, soft-grained wheat varieties segregated at a guaranteed maximum protein level of 9.5%.  Key traits for ASFT are low water absorption and starch damage, combined with weak and extensible dough properties, which make it ideally suited to biscuit, cake, pastry and steamed bun production.

Australian Innovative Wheat (AIW)

Australian Innovative Wheat (AIW) is a class for new and unique varieties of wheat, exhibiting distinctive end use properties which are not available in the main classes. It is anticipated that AIW varieties will be traded as single varieties and in a closed loop, unlike mainstream varieties.

Australian Noodle (ANW)

Australian Noodle Wheat (ANW) is white grained wheat with relatively soft kernel hardness. The key quality requirements for ANW varieties are excellent physical grain and milling quality with high flour pasting attributes, and specific flour colour and end product performance. The grain is toward the soft end of the hardness scale and is segregated within a specific protein window of 9.5 and 11.5%. The flour of ANW varieties is used to produce Udon-style noodles with exceptional noodle sheet colour stability as a prerequisite for this grade.

Australian Premium Noodle (APWN)

Australian Premium Noodle Wheat (APWN) is a hard grained specialty class.  APWN varieties are specific hard-grained wheats with excellent visual specifications, segregated within a protein window of 10 to 11.5%. Good noodle sheet colour and brightness stability is a prerequisite for this class. APWN is used to contribute to the hardness, milling quality, protein content and colour of a unique blend of wheat. The blended grade produces flours for a range of white salted and instant noodle types. APWN is mainly used in an export blend with ANW for a range of white salted and instant noodle types in specific Asian markets, but its inherent processing characteristics are fully compatible with those of APW.

Australian Feed (FEED) is not part of the classification system, though varieties can be included on the Variety Master List.

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