Grains Australia Limited welcomes today’s announcement from Federal Minister for Agriculture David Littleproud that a number of important industry projects will be funded under the Australian Government’s Agricultural Trade and Market Access Cooperation (ATMAC) Program.

Grains Australia led the process on behalf of the grains industry to identify and champion projects that deliver greater diversity of export market options, which will ultimately mean greater market access for growers.

Grains Australia CEO Jonathan Wilson said the projects will add value to growers by focusing on increasing diversity of export markets and improving existing access across several commodities including malting barley, pulses and feed grains.

Working collaboratively to deliver the projects along with Grains Australia will be the Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre, Grain Trade Australia and GrainGrowers Ltd.

“The co-investment by government and industry in these projects is significant and recognises an immediate need to help the grain industry expand market opportunities much quicker so we can effectively market the crop and maximise returns for growers,” Mr Wilson said.

Mr Wilson said the timing of this announcement is important, with ABARES forecasting a 48.6 milliontonne winter crop on the back of favourable conditions in both the east and west of Australia.

“We are likely to have a big crop and therefore a big export task ahead of us,” he said.

“The industry is very much up to this task and these projects will support further market diversification.” Mr Wilson said the new projects will boost robustness and confidence in the Australian grain industry. “We are looking forward to continuing the partnership with the government and Minister Littleproud as more work is required to ensure the Australian grains industry can take full advantage of growing global opportunities,” he said.

Grains Research and Development Corporation Interim Managing Director Cathie Warburton said the GRDC looks forward to working with Grains Australia and the industry member bodies to support important projects that will help deliver greater value to growers.

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