Seven new varieties of wheat have been classified as part of the 2022/23 Wheat Variety Master List, including six Premium Hard milling varieties and one Durum variety. In addition, two new
feed varieties have been introduced.

General Manager, Classification at Grains Australia, Dr Megan Sheehy said the release of the 2023/23 Wheat Variety Master List is the continuation of crucial work to improve the
competitiveness of Australian wheat worldwide and ensure its quality.

“Maintaining a market-driven variety classification system for wheat that delivers for customers and producers is a core focus for Grains Australia following our integration with Wheat Quality
Australia earlier this year.

“Grains Australia is pleased to continue delivering the key technical function for the Australian wheat industry that is the Wheat Variety Master List,” said Dr Sheehy.

2022/23 Wheat Variety Master List highlights include

Seven new varieties classified:

  • Boree
  • Brumby
  • Calibre
  • Jillaroo
  • LRPB Anvil
  • Willaura
  • DBA Mataroi (Durum)

Two new varieties introduced (feed):

  • Big Red
  • RGT Cesario

Variety upgrades including:

  • Suntop and Sunmaster to Australian Prime Hard (APH) in the Southern Zone
  • Ballista to Australian Hard (AH) in the Northern Zone
  • Hammer CL Plus to Australian Premium Noodle (APWN) in the Western Zone
  • Longsword to Australian White Wheat (AWW) across all zones
  • HAW1 has been classified as Australian Innovative Wheat (AIW)

In addition, nine varieties have been removed from the 2022/23 Wheat Variety Master List after a long period of consultation with industry, having been first flagged for removal in 2020 and
delivered in their existing class up until 2021.

Based on decreasing production thresholds, four varieties are planned for removal in 2023 including Diamondbird, Envoy, Kunjin and Wedin. Then in 2024, 19 varieties are planned for
removal including Impose CL Plus, Justica CL Plus, Forrest, Preston, EGA Eagle Rock, Ellison, GBA Sapphire, EGA 2248, Carnamah, Kennedy, H45, Sunlin, Petrel, Sunbrook, Stiletto, Sunbri,
Sunco, Spear and Halberd T/N.

The reclassification of Strzelecki to Australian Premium White (APW) is planned for 2024 in the South Eastern and Northern Zones.

The 2022/23 Wheat Variety Master List comes into effect on 1 August 2022 and contains the names of all current varieties approved by Australia’s wheat classification process. Following
the integration of Wheat Quality Australia into Grains Australia earlier this year, this classification process is managed by Grains Australia. The Master List records the highest
possible grade available for respective varieties and is updated annually, forming part of each season’s Grain Trade Australia (GTA) Wheat Standards.

The 2022-23 Wheat Variety Master List is available at Grain Trade Australia Trading Standards, including for wheat, are available at

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