The Grains Industry Market Access Forum (GIMAF) is now part of Grains Australia Limited (GA), following a process negotiated between the boards of both organisations to dissolve the GIMAF corporate entity while enabling a smooth transition into Grains Australia.

Importantly for the industry, Grains Australia has ensured that the functions and operations performed by GIMAF will continue uninterrupted, with GIMAF executive manager Tony Russell agreeing to continue with GAL.

Grains Australia chief executive Jonathan Wilson said GIMAF into Grains Australia was a key direction envisaged years ago by the Australian Grains Industry Discussion Group (the group that initially developed the GA concept), which considered trade and market access a core activity within the plan to streamline industry good functions. “The importance of facilitating trade and market access is well-recognised and supported by the entire grains industry, with the strong desire to enhance these activities a motivating factor in the creation of Grains Australia,” Mr Wilson said.

“Grains Australia is tasked to fund critical industry good functions and build their capabilities, to ensure the best possible outcome for all participants in the value chain – this is exactly the plan for market access.

“The leadership of the GIMAF board should be acknowledged, particularly chairman Barry Large, in effecting the move, recognising it is the right step for the industry.

“GIMAF embodies 10 years of effort, knowledge, respect and cross-industry cooperation, points all firmly communicated during negotiations and well understood by the Grains Australia board,” he said.

Now-former GIMAF chairman Barry Large described the move into Grains Australia as a great step.

“Grains Australia is an exciting creation, something we’ve worked on for years, and I’m strongly in favour of streamlining our industry,” Mr Large said.

“GIMAF since its inception in 2011 has punched above its weight, pursuing market access issues with governments in Australia and internationally. Successful in part due to its cooperative industry system, the driving force has been its executive manager Tony Russell and his ability to bring people together and navigate between industry and government.

“I anticipate the additional resources Grains Australia will direct to trade and market access activities will only strengthen the industry’s single voice to government on these issues,” he said.

Grains Australia will continue to work with the whole of industry to ensure the correct approach as it directs its resources into various activities.

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