Grains Australia Limited is pleased to announce the appointment of 11 industry representatives to its
newly established Grains Market Access Council (GMAC). Council members include experts from
across the supply chain and one representative from each of the existing Grains Australia
Commodity Councils.

Members of the new GMAC include:

  • Julie Alvaro is representing Grains Australia’s Wheat Council and is a grower based in
    Western Australia.
  • Lyndon Asser brings extensive experience in international grain trading and marketing,
    particularly for barley.
  • Rob Dickie brings experience in international marketing and trade, including on biosecurity,
    sustainability and government relations.
  • Brett Hosking is a grain grower based in Victoria and has a strong background in advocacy,
    governance and trade.
  • Luke Mathews is a grain grower from Southern NSW with experience in trade
    management, policy and research.
  • John Minogue is a grower based in New South Wales and brings experience in guiding
    research and development investments and sustainability.
  • Luke O’Connor is representing Grains Australia’s Barley Council and brings experience in
    barley trading and logistics.
  • Adrian Reginato brings experience in market acess, regulations and technical barriers to
  • Rosemary Richards brings extensive experience in trade and market access, particularly
    for oilseeds.
  • John Stuart brings extensive experience in grain trading and exports.
  • Michael Vaccari is representing Grains Australia’s Oat Council and brings experience in
    market development, oat milling and export sales and procurement.

Appointments to GMAC were made following expression of interest (EOI) processes and review of
all applications by a Selection Panel that considered knowledge of trade and market access matters
for the Australian grain industry, as well as diversity in terms of gender, background, supply chain
understanding and geography.

GMAC joins Grains Australia’s other Commodity Councils for Wheat, Barley and Oats, which were
established last year.

Grains Australia Chair Terry Enright thanked everyone who provided an EOI to participate in GMAC.

“Grains Australia received a strong response to the open call and the EOIs received were of a high
standard, we want to thank everyone who took the time to respond,” said Mr Enright.
“The focus of GMAC will be how we can best generate value for the Australian grains industry
through new or improved market access, so it is critical we bring together expertise from across
different commodities. The members of GMAC bring skills and perspectives from across the supply
chain plus each of the Wheat, Barley and Oat Councils.

“We look forward to welcoming additional representatives from the Pulse and Oilseed Councils when
they are established,” said Mr Enright.

The role of GMAC is to provide strategic advice to the Grains Australia Board on trade and market
access matters, to ensure efficient coordination of whole-of-industry responses to trade and market
access objectives and priorities, and to provide a consistent and communicative approach to key

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