Grains Australia Announces the Results of Malting Barley Evaluation Trials

Grains Australia is pleased to announce the successful malt accreditation of the barley variety, Buff.

Buff was submitted by InterGrain and was accredited as Malting Barley following the evaluation trials conducted in association with the Malting and Brewing Industry Barley Technical Committee (MBIBTC) assessment, under the Grains Australia malting barley evaluation process.

Buff is an acid soil tolerant, high fermentability variety. Buff is intended to be grown in regions with acid soil in the lower rainfall districts of northern and central Western Australia, and south-western New South Wales. Growers looking for Buff seed in 2023 are encouraged to contact InterGrain. More information about the variety is also available on the InterGrain website.

As with all previous accreditations, the market will determine the success of this new variety. Grains Australia’s evaluation and accreditation process is recognised as the required standard for the determination of all new Australian malting barley varieties.

Megan Sheehy, General Manager, Classification for Grains Australia said, “We congratulate InterGrain and the people who have worked to bring this new variety to the marketplace.

“Grains Australia will continue to assist market adoption of these newly accredited varieties through our post-accreditation support program.”

The Accredited Malting Varieties table has been updated to reflect this new accreditation and the status of other varieties under evaluation. The Preferred Varieties table has also been updated.


For more information, please contact Megan Sheehy, General Manager, Classification on

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